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Pirate Party of Australia

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Party Information
Name (abreviation): Pirate Party Australia (PPAU)
Country: Australia
Status: active
Founded: 2008
Registered: pending
President: David Campbell
Deputy President: Simon Frew
Foundingplace: Sydney
Slogan: Innovation, Knowledge, Culture
Administrator: - Brendan Molloy
Campaigns Officer: -
Promotions Officer:
Treasurer: Rodney Serkowski
Nominating Officer: -
Legal Officer: -
Members: c.560 (16.12.2011)
Percentage of women: Numbers unavailable (
Campaign finance: 0€ (2007)
approx. 100€ (15.03.2008)
1 state organisation
2 local associations
Headquarters: -, -, -
phone: -
eMail: for official enquiries:

Pirate Party Australia (official abbrevation: "PPAU") is the pirate party of Australia.


   * David Campbell - President
   * Simon Frew - Deputy President
   * Brendan Molloy - Party Secretary
   * David Haidon - Deputy Party Secretary
   * Rodney Serkowski - Treasurer
   * Jack Coulter - Deputy Treasurer
   * Alexis Shaw - Party Agent

Official status

Active. Not an official party yet. PPAU has elected and proposed leaders and candidates and is in the process of applying for official registration.

Other States