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Nanuk's list of arguments for Eleventh Amendment


  • This sentence is not good as first sentence of a Pirate Manifesto, because it doesnt contain most important stuff, but is a (oversimplified) comparison of government models. I think the first sentence is a very important one and shouldnt be wasted with such a weak sentence. For example the first sentence of the german program reads

"Im Zuge der Digitalen Revolution aller Lebensbereiche sind trotz aller Lippenbekenntnisse die Würde und die Freiheit des Menschen in bisher ungeahnter Art und Weise gefährdet."

loosely translated means:

"In the progress of digital revolution of all aspects of life the dignity and freedom of human beings are endangered in an unforeseen manner despite all lip service."


  • The content of the sentence is debatable. But since those points have not much to do with pirate issues, probably the best choice is to remove it, instead of discuss it endlessly.

What's wrong with declaring democracy as our main goal?

I mean, if a statement like "we believe that democracy is the ideal, and it is to this end that we do aspire and work" has to be removed, what do we should believe, and to which end should we do aspire and work? Aiarakoa 06:37, 7 November 2008 (CET)

The rest of the paragraph

Also would be good to know arguments for the erasure of the rest of the paragraph. Aiarakoa 06:38, 7 November 2008 (CET)