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EC Consultations TSNISEQ Introduction

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(c&p from EC Consultation's page)

Communication networks and information systems are rapidly becoming the nervous system of our modern society. Many services and processes in our economy and society become increasingly dependent on their well functioning. The security and resilience of electronic networks and services are of increasing concern to society together with the security of information and information systems.

The complexity of communication networks and information systems, and their interdependencies with other infrastructures extends well beyond national borders. We live in a world of convergence of services and devices where computers are interconnected in network infrastructures in order to satisfy customers’ needs. Both accidental and voluntary incidents may have direct and indirect effect on more than one country either by disrupting a trans-national network or generating damages to stakeholder groups and users beyond national boundaries.

Due to their inherent features, ensuring the security and resilience of communication networks and information systems is very difficult. They tend to be decentralised, interconnected, interdependent and managed by multiple actors (ranging from network operators, intermediaries and service providers to end users, private companies and public bodies).These systems are composed of diverse types of technologies that can be very complex. In addition, each and every actor is tightly linked to other actors, across geographical and jurisdictional boundaries, and plays a role in ensuring the security and resilience of global communication networks and information systems. The overall security and resilience depend on behaviour and practices of all stakeholders and users.

An EU-wide approach that complements and adds value to national initiatives seems to be a crucial element of network and information security policy. Network and information security challenges will require a strong, coordinated European response. Recent cyber-attacks, targeting individual countries have shown that one country on its own may have difficulties to respond to attacks.