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Pirate Manifesto Fifth Amendment

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List of arguments


  • If I am not completely wrong, the current paragraph contains a spelling misstake. This amendment is meant to correct it.


Pirate Manifesto's First Draft would be modified as follows:

  • 1st paragraph of About Information Society would have the following text:
    • Advances in technology have enabled the whole world to exercise our rights and embrace our liberties in ways previously unimagined. It has allowed increased involvement in democracy, and helped to remove the barriers between people all around the world; however, unwisefully used, they could become a tool of division, discrimination and lessening of rights and liberties. To avoid this and take the most advantage from all that an Information Society can offer, there are three goals to be fulfilled.
                                                             Hirschaid, Germany, 18th October 2008

Hoshpak (Piratenpartei Deutschland, ID 142)