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Pirate Manifesto First Amendment

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List of arguments


  • The word "Theocracy" is derived from the greek word theos meaning "god". Therefore, theocracy is always about religion, not beliefs in general. Everyone believs in anything and acts accordingly so saying that listening to beliefs is always theocracy would mean saying that any kind of government is to some extent theocracy. So I would like to restrict that to religious beliefs.


Pirate Manifesto's First Draft would be modified as follows:

  • 1st paragraph of Preamble would have the following text:
    • The stated purpose of democracy is that the government represents the people. When a government does not represent the people, but a certain subclass, that is not democracy, that is aristocracy. When a government does not listen to facts, but listens to religious beliefs, that is not democracy, that is theocracy. When a government does not listen to the people, or to the rule of law, that is not democracy, that is dictatorship. We believe that democracy is the ideal, and it is to this end that we do aspire and work.

                                                             Hirschaid, Germany, 10th October 2008

Hoshpak (Piratenpartei Deutschland, ID 142)