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Pirate Manifesto Nineteenth Amendment

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Directory of amendments merged in this one


What is a merged amendment?

  • Merged amendments simply are the union of all amendments aiming to modify common sections of Pirate Manifesto; when voting, instead of voting those amendments separately, they become options for a single voting in which all pirate parties will be able to choose the amendment that they consider more suitable for their viewings
  • e.g., Seventh Amendment merges Third Amendment and Sixth Amendment because of they aim to modify the 3rd paragraph of About Author's Rights; voting will consist in choosing between:

What is this page for?

  • Only the responsible of Pirate Manifesto Amendments Central is allowed to modify this page.
  • This page is basicly a directory of amendments merged in this one
  • This page has a discussion page where wiki users will be allowed to debate about their favourite amendment. They can also debate in the discussion pages of the merged amendments, still open for that use