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Pirate Manifesto Third Amendment

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List of arguments


  • This amendment is based on a proposal of Richard Stallman and it makes sense since this is a better description of what we really want. Author's are citizens as well and citizens can easily become author's so the original text didn't really make sense.
  • Even after reading the 6th amendment proposal i still think that this wording is better, since i dont think, that it denies, that authors rights might result in property-like values - nor do i think it contradicts the UN charta of human rights. In fact the proposed wording just doesnt take a stance on that particular issue with authors rights.


Pirate Manifesto's First Draft would be modified as follows:

  • 3rd paragraph of About Author's Rights would have the following text:
    • Balance between the public's interest in promoting culture and the public's right to use published cultural works is necessary. Today, the balance is biased, but not towards authors, but towards publishers who have alienated author's rights, and the bias grows without control and with the connivence of authorities; balance has to be reinstated, not only to restore citizens their rights regarding culture, but to also restore authors theirs preventing them to be alienated anymore.

Germany, 7th November 2008

Nanuk (Piraten Partei Deutschland)