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Nanuk's list of arguments for Fourteenth Amendment


  • I dont think we should be so specific and technical as to demand WIFI access point even in the deepest desert. The technical structure of tomorrow might not even be the internet. What is important here is participation and access equally for everyone, regardless of the details of the current technique.
  • Note: The Version of the (invalid) Tenth amendment leaves no valid sentence, i corrected that in this version here.

Internet's key role in Information Society

"Universal availability of wired and/or wireless Internet is necessary" doesn't mean free -as in free beer- Internet, nor having private or public enterprises managing it; simply, as well as TV reaches all or almost all citizens, if we want everybody to enjoy Information Society without digital divide, that universal availability becomes mandatory. There can be several ways to get it, the thing is to get it. Aiarakoa 06:18, 7 November 2008 (CET)