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Nanuk's list of arguments for Thirteenth Amendment


  • I just contradict the statement "Advances in technology has enabled the whole world to exercise our rights and embrace our liberties in ways previously unimagined." And i dont think that technology has increased involvement in democracy either - look at decreasing voter participation, to only give one example. I rather think that to achieve an improvement with technological advance is just one of our main issues as pirates.
  • Note: in the original tenth amendment i striked out too much of the sentence, this is corrected here already.

What's wrong in the statement that this amendment wants to remove?

  • Only after having this question answered -i.e., after having some arguments for this amendment- will be possible both to know why should be removed the statement that this amendment wants to remove, and reply properly to those arguments. Aiarakoa 06:21, 7 November 2008 (CET)