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Pirate Party of Sweden
Leader Rickard Falkvinge
Chairperson chairperson
President president
Spokesperson spokesperson
Founded 1 January 2006
Headquarters Stockholm
Social Media

Member of Piratpartiet, Sweden (Pirate Party of Sweden). Lives in Stockholm, Sweden.

Pages below this page are sometimes experimental, with the goal of moving them to a regular place on this wiki.

Suggested changes to this wiki

I'd love comments to my proposals. Write them on my talk page (the Discussion tab).

  • This wiki has dual addresses. Fix that, with a redirect from one to the other. Something is mentioned about this on PPI Coreteam Minutes 2009-10-08. The addresses are:
  • Consider changing the logo that is on each page, to that of the about page (see link at bottom of each page). In other words, use the logo with leaves.
  • Upgrade the software, to get the more powerful editing controls that are used on English Wikipedia.

Needed improvements at

The main web site for Pirate Parties International is There are a lot of things there that need improvement, such as correction of facts and general updating. Until I get editing access to that site (made with Drupal), I will simply list a few things here, as a reminder to myself and others.

  • Write something on how the politics of Pirate Parties International are developed. This could be done in prose form. Personally, I don't know, so I can't do it.
  • Provide information about the site itself: how to reach the editors, how to become an editor, who is responsible for the contents, how to provide updated and corrected information.
  • Update the contact information at
  • Make clear if information is authoritative or not. For example, is the member list at official or not?
  • Fix pages with date problems. For example, seems to talk about the future as if it had happened. It is dated 2009, but talks about what happened in 2010.
  • Update the member list at
  • The members page provides the same information as the about page (partly). Remove that redundancy.
  • Keep the "In the news" section updated.
  • There should be no link "create content" in the right column under the account name, if the user is not allowed to create content.
  • The top banner (the MetaTools), where page colors can be chosen, should be abandoned. It's rather useless, and not worth this prominent place.
  • Clean up the Links page.
    • Differentiate between sites run by PPI and other sites.
    • The Links page says "contact the PPI CAO", whithout explaining what a PPI CAO is. Please do.
    • Don't explain PiratePad with a reference to EtherPad, which few know what it is. Explain instead what it does.
    • Explain what My Pirates is, and what it's role within PPI is. It is not enough to provide a link. When should My Pirates be used, and when should it not be used?
    • Pirates on Facebook
      • Pirat Partiet should be Piratpartiet.
    • Remove links that are not directly connected to the Pirate Party, such as that to Clipperton.

Needed forum improvements

These are some things that need to be improved at

Needed improvements for

  • Decide on one and only one domain. Redirect from deprecated domains to the prefered domain. Right now, both and are active, but when a user is logged in to one, he is not automatically logged in to the other. Actually, there are links from the domain to the mypirates domain. When a user who is logged in to the former URL follows the link, he is suddenly not logged in. Either the links must be fixed, or the official domain should be, with a redirect from