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Pirate Manifesto Amendments Central

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This is the page for the proposition of amendments to Pirate Manifesto's First Draft; amendments' proposition is the main activity during Pirate Manifesto's Stage Two.

Remember that the deadline for the proposition of amendments is 1st of November of 2008 at 23:59 UTC. Any amendment proposed after this deadline will be removed from this page and not included in the voting.


People having questions about Stage Two and the proposition of amendments may send their mails to the responsible of Pirate Manifesto Amendments Central, presidente[dot]jdn[at]partidopirata[dot]es.

Explanation about how to amend the First Draft

Amendments' structure

Each amendment will have, in this page, the following sections:

  • Rank. In chronological order: First, Second, Third, etc ...
  • Affected paragraphs/sections. This will allow the merging of the amendment with other amendments affecting the same paragraphs/sections. Only is allowed the modification of one paragraph per amendment, unless there are other related paragraphs that require to be modified if the first one is modified.
    • The reason to allow the modification of only one paragraph per amendment is to allow a fine-grained amendment process. If amendments were meant to be made to whole sections or even to the entire Draft, people would may like some parts of an amendment while disliking others, and however being forced to approve or reject the entire amendment; allowing fine-grained amendments, voters can truly approve those parts they like while rejecting the rest.
    • Paragraph to be modified has to be specified. e.g., Preamble, 3rd paragraph; About restrictions of Ideas and Information, About Trademarks, 1st paragraph; etc.
  • Amendment Contents. It will include a link to another wiki page where will be detailed, first, a list of arguments supporting the amendment, and next, the new text proposed for the parts to be modified -there is no need to write the whole section where the text to be modified is, writing the paragraph or paragraphs to be modified will be enough, omitting the rest-. Contents of the amendment can only be modified by:
  • Discussion on the Amendment. A direct link to the discussion page corresponding to that amendment, to be able to check the comments made. In this section all wiki members will be allowed to participate with their comments, no matter whether they are members of any pirate party or not.
  • Merged amendment?. Attention: This section has to be filled only by the responsible of the Pirate Manifesto Amendments Central. Allows to know whether the amendment will be proposed as is, or if it will be merged with others that modify the same parts of First Draft, becoming an amendment with multiple options instead of only one.

Rules for proposing amendments

  • Each pirate party is allowed to decide whether is going to propose amendments as a party, or will allow its member to individually propose amendments.
    • Pirate parties have to specify how are they going to propose amendments.
    • If a pirate party is going to allow their members to individually propose amendments, the author has to identify himself adding the party where does belong together with the ID used in his party -i.e., a number, a nickname or whatever ID is used in his party-.
  • A same author can propose several amendments for a same paragraph, as long as those amendments present grammar and/or conceptual differences; otherwise, it will be always up to that author to modify his/her amendment.
  • Because of the forementioned, when two or more amendments affect the same paragraphs and/or sections, being from different authors, there must exist grammar and/or conceptual differences.
    • Otherwise, the oldest one will have the preference, noticing the responsible of the Amendments Central to the author of the most recent one/ones the need to introduce grammar and/or conceptual changes in order to avoid their amendments to become annulled.
  • To avoid collisions between two or more amendments simultaneously presented, and as this wiki is designed to avoid those collisions while editing a concrete page -due to following a chronological order, first to propose an amendment will get the chosen rank and others will have to use the next one-, procedure will run as follows:
    • In the present page the author of the amendment will add a new subsection for the new amendment in the amendments list, following the current order
    • Once introduced the new amendment and filled the amendment sections -thus securing the rank-, the author will proceed with the writing of the contents of the amendment (existing amendments can be used as sample)

Rules for voting amendments

According to what was agreed during First Draft's 3rd session:

  • each pirate party considered as an eligible voter will have one vote
  • to become an eligible voter, any pirate party had to become involved in the Pirate Manifesto's Stage One; to become involved, at least that party had to fill a briefing with its ideological categories and a summary of its stances in the corresponding page
    • only eligible voters will be allowed to vote the proposed amendments
  • will be up to each pirate party how to decide its vote for each amendment -to define an internal procedure to allow their members to discuss and decide about each amendment-.
  • supermajorities & quorums:
    • quorum: for each amendment to become approved, at least 80 % of eligible voters must cast their votes; being 11 eligible voters, at least 9 should cast their votes
    • supermajorities: for each amendment to become approved, at most two pirate parties should reject that amendment; having three or more pirate parties rejecting an amendment makes it become rejected
    • the combination of both requirements means that, being 11 eligible voters, at least 9 should vote, at least 7 should support an amendment and at most 2 should reject it to make it become approved

Eligible voters

All pirate parties listed in this page, minus Russian Piraten Partai, are eligible voters, and also allowed to propose amendments; representatives from each pirate party please indicate whether you are going to present amendments as a party or allowing your members to individually propose amendments:

Sample Amendment

This is not a real amendment, just an example of how to present amendments in this page.

Affected paragraphs/sections

Amendment contents

Discussion on the amendment

Merged amendment?

  • Is valid by itself and has not been merged with others.


Amendments sorted by section

In this wiki page all valid amendments can be studied, sorted by the paragraphs they aim to modify. The responsible of the Amendments Central will manage the contents of that page.

First Amendment

Affected paragraphs/sections

  • ...

Amendment contents

Discussion on the amendment

Merged amendment?